I Shoot Myself

// Verse
I’m standing in the dark
with my dirty hand on my heart
and thinking back to the memories
Why’d you leave me here?
If you were stay with me
Just maybe, I could have chosen another way

Now can you hear my voice?
Can you feel my pain?
You just keep on pretending
deaf, dumb and blind
I can’t find my place
Such a nihilistic world
So I try to shake off this creeping malaise

// Bridge
All you are prisoners
Save yourself eternally
Pray for peace
Throgh the time
All day long

All you are slave ant
Beg your life intently
Say Goodbye to all the world
Count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

// Chorus
I shoot mysef
All I do is close my eyes
Don’t try to wake me ‘cause I will be gone
I shoot mysef
Nothing’s ganna stop my way
This is the final stand of all I am
I shoot myself praying for rebirth

Guiter solo



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