TV Show

Same time phone call
Same voice I heard
It’s over and done at all

24 lies
Each circumstance
I did know that falling down some time

If you could see
What I could see
We maybe could all get along

Where should I go
What should I do
I’m trying to find another way

Every time is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Everybody’s serching for some reasons why we all are living

Life is just like a TV show
It’s a repeat of a story told
Living all lines that someone wrote
I’m just a one who is passing by
Life is just like a TV show
All that I need to play myself
Living all lines that someone wrote
I cannot wind up this show

I smiled and smiled
I cried and cried
I cannot control myself

Too old to run
Too young to die
I’ll never be anything again

Guitar solo



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